EasyApache4 and suPHP

EasyApache 4 is a complete change to how cPanel ships and maintains Apache + PHP. cPanel does not require that you use EasyApache, but it provides a convenient and easy method to modify your server. Your cPanel license includes the EasyApache software.

PHP handlers (Apache modules) contain libraries that the server uses to run PHP code. The php.conf configuration file contains the global directives for PHP application handlers. By default, cPanel offers four PHP handlers.

The suPHP PHP Handler

You can change your PHP handler and PHP default version in cPanel with the MultiPHP Manager interface or the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf script. This differs from EasyApache 3, which uses the Configure PHP and suEXEC interface.

When upgrading to EasyApache 4 it appears as though all suPHP_ConfigPath configuration directives are not overriding the global php.ini values - this is due to a local.ini file having the final word on specific directives. For example if using PHP 5.5 the following file will override any/all other custom php.ini directives:


The issue is the above file, if present, will override any values set in a custom php.ini file. You can either comment out the values that accounts should be able to modify or remove the local.ini file completely.

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